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Haven't seen any posts in here lately... 

At any rate, I have a problem and the local mechanics don't seem to be too helpful. Abot half-way through a relatively long trip, the engine temperature went up into the red. I pulled over, let the engine idle for a bit, it went back down again. I let it cool off with the engine off for about an hour, then kept driving but a lot slower. The temperature was fine the rest of the way, but all of a sudden the "Service Engine Soon" light stated blinking; I could hear some strange noise in the engine and the way the car "feels" changed - it was a bit like trying to drive in a gear that is too high, doesn't quite work, even though I was only in second gear and going slowly it felt like I was trying to drive in the forth. 

Anyway, at that point  I was literaly five minutes away from where I needed to be, so I drove very slowly for those five minutes and parked. It was Friday evening, so the earliest I could get the car to the mechanic was Monday. It's a 30 minute drive at ~ 30 mph. 15 minutes into it, the service engine light starts blinking again and the noise returns. I left the car at the shop for them to look at, explained the problem and all. Now they tell me, that the light doesn't come on and they can't hear the noise and they have no problem driving it. 

No,  I didn't imagine the whole thing, my passanger heard the noise and felt the car move strangely as well.

It's a vague question... But any suggestions? Am I supposed to take the photo of the damn light blinking? 

Thing is, the engine light has come on a couple of times before and I asked them to check it out; it never blinked before and the car was moving fine. They told me both times that its some sensor malfunctioning and I should just ignore it. Magically the car returned with the light off. What I don't want is some lasting damage 'cause the problem keeps being igonred...

Thanks in advance.

(The next nearest place to service Jeeps is ~ 1 hour away btw... Might even be the same owner... ).
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