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Ok so i broke the back window zipper and had to get the zipper replaced.. now just curious of and if you can use any type of lubricant to make it easier to zip it on and off ? Types, Names and where i can find them.

Also I need new tires for my liberty, suggestions on new all season tires for a 08 Jeep Liberty... Thank you
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Well, the zippers on my CJ7 are plastic, so I use a silicone based lube. The same kind I use for my airsoft guns. And a little goes a long way. Would tell you the brand but I can't remember it and it's in my storage space with my airsoft stuff.
I've heard a lot of people use either candle wax or bar soap on the zippers to lubricate them. Just rub the candle or soap on the zipper and zip/unzip it a bunch of times to get it moving.
Wax or soap, won't stain your top, goes only where you want it, works better than spray lube, and smells good too!
Soap will tend to wash away in the rain.
My personal preference is a "dry" lube that will not attract dirt - which can make things worse.