lahermite (lahermite) wrote in jeeps_only,

loud rattling jeep

hi all

my poor falling apart jeep is doing something that just can't be good for it. if i hit a hole in the road, or alternate holes in the road, the whole jeep starts shaking hard. it feels like the body of the jeep is shaking side to side on the wheels. i have to put my foot on the brake quick to stop it. it feels like if i didn't stop it, a corner would break and the jeep would lurch down in that corner. if that makes sense.

my jeep is on a 4 inch lift. i have no clue what part of it is broke to cause this. it doesn't happen if i both front wheels hit holes, only if one hits either first or alone. it doesn't feel safe at all. metal just can't rattle that hard and not break.

any clues anyone as to what it is that's broke that needs fixing?

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