No Power In The 'Verse (trulybloom) wrote in jeeps_only,
No Power In The 'Verse

Busted Hood Latch

Hi all - I have a 97 Wrangler and the rubber on my hood latch busted. But (according to the dealer) the part is on BACK ORDER INDEFINITELY.

I can't drive on the freeway because of how much play there is in the hood at speed. So, I gotta get this fixed!

Any suggestions on what I can do? Other possible sources for the part? Anything?
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Dude, that site is awesome! Thank you so much!

Deleted comment

I can't tell from the quadratec site if the part they list is in stock or not - gonna give 'em a call tomorrow. Fingers crossed, though the zip-tie is a good idea!

I agree that the back order problem is definitely going to grow. But hopefully, as people repair rather than replace their vehicles, that will change.

P.S. How did Jamie get himself turned into a walrus? ;-)