No Power In The 'Verse (trulybloom) wrote in jeeps_only,
No Power In The 'Verse

I need a big, strong man to help me out!

Yes, that's right - step up, boys! I know when I'm in over my head and I'm not above asking for help. Especially when y'all are so smart and handsome and Jeep-knowledgeable.

I need new tires for my stock '97 Jeep Wrangler. I'm currently running p225/75R15. I want to upgrade to light truck tires - which means upping to 235 - and I'm fine with that.

But, there's SO MANY BRANDS! How do I narrow it down? How do I choose? I've read 100s of posts on forums and... It doesn't seem like it should be this difficult, but the more I read the more difficult the decision seems to get.

Mostly highway driving; must be good in rain and dry; some dirt/country roads; the sort of snow and ice you'd get in urban/suburban areas; no real off-roading; no mud puddles, swamps, bogs or sand dunes.

So, help? What would all y'all put on a stock '97 Wrangler?
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