No Power In The 'Verse (trulybloom) wrote in jeeps_only,
No Power In The 'Verse

Can I interest anyone in a little talk about tire pressure?

So, all y'all remember I got new tires, right?

Well, now I need to know what's the best tire pressure for highway use.

I did the calculation - for the weight of my Wrangler and the new tires, I came up with 27-28 psi, which seems very low (and, in fact, at the current COLD 30psi, the bottom of the tire looks too bulgy to my untrained eye).

I think I'm going to try the chalk method tomorrow. Do any of you believe in the chalk method? It's to be done with warm, recently-driven tires, right?

I've heard it's "lower psi for off-road" to give better grip on gravel and dirt; "higher psi for highway and city streets." But higher or lower than what? Max cold pressure is 50psi for the BFGs - but I know you're not supposed to run at the max, especially when you're not carrying or towing any extra weight.

So, tire pressure anyone?
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