Strannik (i_strannik) wrote in jeeps_only,

Question - backing up against obstacles

 Fellow jeepers,

This is probably a little embarrassing, but...

I was trying to park on a curb - rear wheels on the curb, front wheels on the pavement below, the curb parallel to the axles. To may amazement, I was not able to back up onto the curb from this position, neither in 2WD nor in 4WD-high (didn't try the low gears). There was no problem driving (forward) up onto the same curb, but I did that  diagonally, so one wheel at a time. 

Question is, how do I do that properly (back up in this orientation)? Should I try to back up at an angle to the curb (that would have required to turn the steering wheel, and I was trying to keep it level out of fear of damaging the power steering)?

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