No Power In The 'Verse (trulybloom) wrote in jeeps_only,
No Power In The 'Verse

Headlamp help!

I need your help - I just burned out one of the stock headlights on my '97 Jeep Wrangler.

What do you guys recommend as a good replacement?

I'd like to avoid the "super-blindingly white" ones which are so popular on new cars.

I've checked, but there are so many I have NO clue what's the best choice.

I'd also like to do the repair myself, so it's gotta be something I can just, basically, swap out. I'm handy with a screwdriver, but don't want to do any rewiring/reconfiguring.

You guys helped me choose THE BEST tires, so I figure you might steer me in the right direction with headlights.
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